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Well, yeah.
Daniel Gross has a two-part series in Slate this week about the jobs Americans "refuse to do". Supposedly, Americans are too snooty not just for backbreaking manual labor, but for nursing, factory jobs, and even computer programming:
In fact, the perceived shortages have less to do with a declining American work ethic and more to do with managerial stinginess. In many industries, employers—and, ultimately, their customers—simply aren't willing to pay the prices that legal American labor demands in exchange for performing the work—or for going through the expense and trouble of obtaining the skills and credentials necessary to ply certain trades. In [January 18th]'s Wall Street Journal, Evan Perez and Corey Dade offer support for this contention. Last September, a chicken-processing plant (one of those industries we're told Americans reject) in Stillmore, Ga., lost three-quarters of its work force after an immigration bust. In response, the company, Crider, "suddenly raised pay at the plant" by more than a dollar per hour and began offering better benefits: "free transportation from nearby towns and free rooms in a company-owned dormitory near to the plant." Miraculously, American workers materialized to accept the jobs.
Read all about it here and here.


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islandmomma From: islandmomma Date: January 20th, 2007 04:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
That makes me so mad! It's not just the US, of course, this happens here in Europe too, and will probably occur more and more in coming years. It is going to make me especially mad around here I think, in the months and years to come, because we have settled for substandard service and inefficiency for a very long time (there are other reasons I stay here!). If immigrants are going to work harder and be more pleasant then they deserve better wages than the arrogant locals who have had too much, too easy, too quickly.

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