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Stella Breed Watch, Part 16; and, A Pox On Both Their Houses

When I first got Stella, I thought she was a greyhound or whippet mix. Then the lady at doggie day care said she didn't look at all like a whippet, and she had to be a Lab mix. For any of you who have been following the ongoing mystery of Stella's breed, I've got a new entry in the contest. I was in obedience class, trying to work with another dog while somebody else handled Stella, and the teacher noticed that she kept cutting between the other dog and me. Based on that, she thinks Stella's a Kelpie, an Australian herding breed:

Stella looks a lot like the dog on the far left, at least what I can see of it. The teacher said Kelpies have brindle coats, but I couldn't find any photos of a brindly-looking Kelpie. Still, it's not that crazy an idea, as more than one person (me included) thinks Stella looks like a dingo, and dingoes are supposed to be part of the Kelpie mix.

The sound of sleet pinging against my window actually woke me up at 4 this morning. I thought we were just going to have freezing rain, but when I woke up again at 6 a few inches of the crusty white had actually piled up outside. I grabbed my snowshoes and went off to the park. Who knows when I'll have another chance this year? Now that I've been snowshoeing the weather can do whatever it wants. I won't complain if it keeps snowing well into April, although I know better than to hope for that, but I've had my taste of winter and I'm ready for whatever nasty steamy muggery the rest of the year brings.

Living under my self-imposed rock as I've been, I just now noticed the Edwards blogger controversy. I say a pox on both their houses: I wouldn't touch William Donohoe or his Catholic League with a telephone pole, but I'm not impressed by juvenile scat-flinging about the Virgin Mary and Plan B either. It's too bad, because I think Edwards' health-care plan is the least silly one out there, and I think he's the strongest of the anyone-but-Hillary-or-Obama candidates. Atheism is all trendy right now, and it really bores me. I guess it's an understandable backlash against the visibility of Christian-right jackassery in the Bush administration. Thanks a lot, guys. I wish the sociopolitical pendulum didn't have to swing so far each way when it swings. I felt the same way about the boy-bashing, Lilith Fair-and-plus-size-overalls feminism of the 90's, which has given way to the strippers-are-people-too backlash we're seeing now. There's a lot of middle ground out there, people. Everywhere. On every issue.

Oh yeah, I've been seeing all these hearts and cupids and florist's vans today. Why are people so excited about a massacre that happened 70 years ago? Whatever, I'm hoping that if I stick my nose in a book it will pass right over me.
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