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Here's the Obama family talking about fashion on Access Hollywood:

And here's Barack in the kitchen with Michelle and the girls:

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Today's New York Times has four brief pieces on the view of the financial meltdown from Europe. Here's something from the German piece, by Christoph Peters, that I can't help agreeing with:
Television viewers accustomed to watching stockbrokers in action on their screens have long suspected that these are people with severe personality disorders, people who exercise their crude mixture of special talent and gambling compulsion in a morality-free zone and couldn’t care less about the consequences for the rest of the world. The idea that such people may soon find themselves, if not in prison, then at least in a soup kitchen provides satisfaction to many a German who in recent years has had to bear the contempt of clever financial advisers looking down upon him as a timorous fool for passing up the chance to let his money really work for him.
"Erin Go Bust", from John Banville, is good too.


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I watched some of the debate last night, muting on and off when it got too ugly. I have a low tolerance for arguments, my mind is made up anyway and I have trouble giving McCain any of my time. What I did watch was only out of a sense of civic duty. Heather called me up right as it was starting to talk about our foster cats, oh the humanity, and she said she didn't know how much of it she was going to be able to sit through either. Nice to know someone understands.

Here be polly ticks.Collapse )

Well, now I feel like a good citizen. That's over for another four years.

ETA On another topic entirely, I'm loving Upside-Down Dogs. Thanks, atabei! And while we're on the subject of animals, I finally got Muppet to eat her food. Let's hope that's settled.

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Last week, thank to mrwhipee, I found my new favorite commercial:

And today there's this, also from Thailand:


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Corona on a hike
Originally uploaded by florafloraflora
I'm still here, I'm just busy with dog-fosterdom, my mushroom ID class, and getting ready to go back to school in the fall. The one-hour dog walk every morning before work is cutting into my schedule, but it's helping me shed the weight I've put on since Stella died. After Corona finds a home (stupid name—I didn't want to change it just for a few weeks but if I had my way she'd be named Astrid) I'll have to get serious about walking to the bus stop every day instead of driving.

I'm still reading and loving Tom Jones, just a little more than 200 pages from the end. I went and saw a weird movie called The Firemen's Ball the other day, the last one Milos Forman made before emigrating from Czechoslovakia in 1967. The last play of the season at Shakespeare Theatre, The Imaginary Invalid, was second only to The Taming of the Shrew back in September, full of what that company does best: perfect sets, costumes, and pageantry.

I made some tofu in (Vietnamese) caramel sauce and a white peach-raspberry cobbler over the weekend: serious yum.

All is good. We're getting a lot more rain this summer, which is making it all easier to survive.

Hope everybody's having a good summer. I'm trying to keep up with my flist but if I've missed anything big please let me know.

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Sebadoh's song "Soul and Fire" is one of my all-time favorites, but I'd never realized anybody else had ever heard it, let alone cared about it. So it was a bit of a shock when I found it featured as NPR's Song of the Day. I guess I could take it as a sign of creeping age or my lost edge or whatever, but instead of thinking about that I chose just to hit Play over and over again like a starstruck teenager. There's no way I can say how many times I've listened to this song over the years or everything it brings bubbling up. So I'll just post the link here so you can hear it with me.

PS I picked up Corona the Foster-Dog last night. She's all kinds of awesome. More about her soon.

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I finally made it to Artomatic last night, the last night of the show. I wandered around for quite a while without seeing anything that really grabbed me, and then on the tenth floor I struck gold. Image-heavyCollapse )

Also yesterday, I finished reading Vineland. This supposedly is not a favorite of Thomas Pynchon fans (not tricky enough, too political), but to me it was awesome, maybe the definitive book about the sixties and its aftermath. I've often been irked by pomo fiction because so often it seems to be all about literary parlor tricks, leaving no room for heart (paging David Foster Wallace) but this was different (and granted, not the most extreme example of pomo). Vineland uses painful puns and too-clever names (a landscape contractor known as the Marquis de Sod—wait till you hear his theme song; a Northern California Cajun restaurant named Humbolaya), pop-culture references (the female ninja subplot), anagrams (Frenesi, the elusive central character, contains "free" and "sin"), obnoxious acronyms, and hilarious made-up movies ("Pia Zadora in The Clara Bow Story") to tell a deeply emotional story about what happened in the sixties and to the sixties. Some critics think the story is too flimsy, never explaining why exactly a third-generation revolutionary would run off with the evil cop. But the guys at Babies of Wackiness (a Japanese sitcom, dontcha know?) speculate that Frenesi on some level is the American nation, born free but seduced over and over by authority in the form of a man in uniform, and that's good enough for me. To me the book was enchanting. It's probably the best I've read this year. Here's more, in Salman Rushdie's New York Times review.

Finally, just for atenea_nike, I made a set of the cloud photos I took for my meteorology class.

It took me some time to put this post together with all the images and links, so somebody please comment or I'll have to start wondering if you can see my ratty old t-shirt from where you are.

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I think I'm allergic to eggplant, but only the skin. Good thing it isn't the whole eggplant, or I could never eat the gorgeous smoky garlicky baba ghanouj at Lebanese Taverna. My world would be so much sadder then.

Happy Friday, everybody!
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"In the situation room
There was a toy world
And a flight costume
And a picture of—
A refinery plume"

Read all about it!

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